Friday, August 19, 2005

Up the Khyber

"Welcome back, Australians, we've been waiting."

This is from a book used in madrassas to teach 9 year olds during the Afghan war against the Soviets.

“One group of mujahideen attack fifty Russian soldiers. In that attack twenty Russians are killed, how many Russians fled?”

And, a year later, Afghan 10 year olds progress to questions like:

“The speed of a Kalashnikov bullet is 80 metres per second. If a Russian is at a distance of 3200 m from a mujahid and that mujahid aims at the Russian’s head, calculate how many seconds it will take for the bullet to strike the Russian in the forehead.”

-Good Muslim bad Muslim

Where do they learn such hate? No wonder we need to close down those madrassas, all they do is teach children hate. It's terrible how Muslim children are preyed upon by Muslim radicals and injected with this stuff. Have they no shame?

The textbooks were the result of a $50 million dollar grant to the university of Nebraska to develop an appropriate curriculum for children in US govt. supported madrassas. Yes, that's right. The US govt. developed these textbooks. Seems we're not above injecting children with inchoate hatred when it serves narrow political goals, who knew.

$50 million dollars and 25 years later these children are adults, the ones we're signing on to fight now. That's right folks. John Howard (and his pathetic, spineless trifle opposition counterpart) want us to sign on to an open ended commitment costing who knows how much and lasting who knows how long to destroy America's self created enemies. Osama's long gone, Mullah Omar likewise, all we'll be doing in Afghanistan is killing more Afghans to prop up an American puppet regime, oh and the warlords in the rest of the country, you know, the kiddy raping opium peddling warlords who were so bad that the TALIBAN were able to stage a popular takeover of Afghanistan? Well they're on our side now.

You hardly need to be told that, just like in the 80s, this won't end well.

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